Take a couple of Kentucky boys that pursue music with an all-out passion, yet keep their craft real to life, and you get Twang and Round. With influences that span across every genre ranging from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Black Crows and Lynyrd Skynyrd to UGK, Outkast and Beastie Boys, just to name a few. You will find a bridge between these genres with the art created by Twang and Round, who make music because they truly love it.The musical career of Vernon Roach (a.k.a “Kuntry Twang”) and Brad Davis (a.k.a “Lil Round”) began in their early teens with a mutual love of music, recording, producing and engineering. Discovering the ways that they complement each other they found that the style of music they create commanded one to listen closely.

Well versed in all ranges of music, Kuntry Twang and Lil Round’s passion lies in Southern Rap, Hip Hop, Country and Rock, which is evident in their last three independent albums.

While the road to success thus far has been long, with many a mile spent pounding pavement, it is a dream that continues still. It lead them to releases 5 studio albums. Through hard work and determination, Twang and Round are sure to see their sought after dreams realized and continue to connect those long, winding roads from state to state, with music.


KUNTRY TWANG Vernon Roach was born and raised in Kentucky where a large genre of music inspired him at an early age. He started singing in the church choir and as he grew, so did the influences surrounding him. With a rough upbringing right in the heart of Delafield, music was often a savior of a sense; an emotional outlet for the developing writer. Through poetry as well, when Kuntry Twangs pen touched pad, magic ensued creating verse and prose that was true to life. He would go on to put these emotions into lyrics thus creating the songs that strike a chord with many.


Brad Davis was also born and raised in the Kentucky heartland where family played an inspirational role in his career choice. Growing up listening to old time country and bluegrass on the radio, it seems Lil Round has always had an ear for music. Feeling the beat and rhythm of each and every musical bar he encountered fed his desire to make his own way in the world of music. Starting with recording his own beats on his MTV Music Generator, Lil Rounds talents progressed far beyond what other artists around him were accomplishing. In time, he would become the producer/engineer that up-and -coming artists grappled to work with, guaranteeing pristine sound quality and fire beats to be comparable to even the most professional of studios.


Mac Whittinghill
has been an active musician since 1994. He recorded 3 albums before graduating High school. He started touring right after graduation, playing over 1000 shows in 48 states and several shows in Canada. He has shared the stage with legends and up and comers such as The Kentucky Head hunters, Black Stone Cherry, Nickel Back, Fuel, Black Oak Arkansas, Ever Clear, Ever Last, Marvelous 3, Dynamite Hack, Eve 6, The Marshall Tucker Band, Jackyl, and A Perfect Confusion (Now known as Cage the Elephant.) Mac took a small break to get his IT Network Security Degree and foster special needs children and has adopted three children.
He has spent the last 5 years playing various instruments, writing songs, recording, and touring with Twang and Round.